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    Top specialists

    Virtual Partner has a team of professionals who complete their assignments competently, correctly and fast. Virtual Partner provides a flexible service that always focuses on the clients’ needs and requirements.

    Cost saving

    Virtual Partner helps you save time and money and here is how we do it. When using Virtual Partner you will save on employee administration, recruiting costs, payroll calculation and labor taxes collected by the Government to name but a few of our exclusive services. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short or long-term project, you can choose your Virtual Assistant, Accountant, Human Resources or Marketing Specialist from our highly trained and qualified team and best of all you only pay for the service!

    Always available

    Our skilled specialists work with both, unexpected urgent projects as well as regular concrete and time specific tasks. Virtual Partner works 24/7 and also at no extra charge for the work undertaken on weekends, out of office hours or during bank holidays. The clients’ needs are always our priority!

    Easy communication

    Virtual Partner is within a calling distance and available at any time! We are connected to you mostly via phone, e-mail, Skype, Viber and other channels of virtual communication.